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Monday, June 9, 2014

Tech Buzz:The Moto Stream: A simple way of playing music with friends

A mere $50 gets you a good Bluetooth music streaming device from Motorola

This, folks, is the Moto Stream. It's a Bluetooth device that kicks music from your phone into a proper set of speakers. And that's all it is. It's not the Nexus Q reborn. For one, it's much smaller. And while it's cute in that icosahedronic sort of way, it just doesn't have the same feel that the Nexus Q did. Yes, both flash lights at you, but the Motorola Stream does so in a more muted, understated way. Not in that same sort of "Take me to your leader" way.

What the Moto Stream is, we'll tell you, is about $250 cheaper than the Nexus Q — which by the way was never actually sold — and is available now from Motorola for $49.99.

Motorola Stream

When one device takes over for another, the colors change.

Never mind the design — there's really no reason to overthink this device. It's a basic Bluetooth streamer that allows up to five devices to pair at once. (If you've ever used the BlackBerry Music Gateway, it's sort of like that.) Each gets its own color code, and each can interrupt the playback from any of the other connected devices. When they do so, their color will flash on the four front-facing panels. You'll have to know what your color is if you care about who's streaming, of course.

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