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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tech Buzz: Android Silver, which is touted as replacement for the Nexus series

tweet from the @Android handle has set the rumour mill abuzz about the next Google phone that could be an Android Silver, which is touted as replacement for the Nexus series, or a fresh new phone.

The tweet says "Android makes even the most difficult grocery store choices simple." But what has piqued the curiosity of android fans and tech enthusiasts is the fact that the phone that is shown in the accompanying image is neither a Nexus nor a Motorola device. It has no branding. Understandably enough, the tweet has set the internet abuzz with talk of a new Google phone that has possibly been teased via this tweet.

Google phone


Since there has already been a healthy amount of speculation regarding the new Android Silver for some time now, this tweet could be an indication that Google might come up with a new line-up in the near future.

Nexus 5, which was launched last year, is supposed to be the last device in the Nexus series. At the same time, Motorola has also launched its Moto X, Moto G and Moto E while being under the world's largest search engine. Motorola is no longer a Google company as Lenovo has acquired it, so the possibility of the tweeted picture being either a Motorola device or the next Nexus handset is bleak.

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