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Friday, May 30, 2014

Career Buzz: Five tips to build career in cloud computing

Five tips to build  career in cloud computing

The cloud computing space is evolving fast and the number of opportunities is intensifying by each passing day. There is a significant demand for fresh talent and for candidates with 2-5 years of experience for this role, according to the data. Organisations are seeking specialised skills while hiring these candidates. However, experts believe that skills and expertise can be built with experience and time. But there are other crucial factors that contribute to crafting a successful career in cloud computing. Shriranga Mulay, senior vice president - IT Engineering, Netmagic shares a few tips.

Awareness of Application Programming Interface (API)

Awareness of API tops the list. Nothing works without them in the cloud computing space. This is particularly important for a person aspiring to build his career in the cloud software engineering.

Awareness of platforms & ability to build them for virtualisation

The incumbent has to have the know-how about popular cloud development environments such as, VMware, OpenStack, etc. and should have the ability to understand the mechanism to integrate these platforms into the cloud services.

Expertise to bring in a USP

Technically, a lot of services various organisations offer are similar to their competition. One has to figure a USP to sell its employer's services differently. For eg - Netmagic launched NTSS, a tiered secured storage service, which may look similar to that of its competitors. But Netmagic has chosen superior security technology that brings in more guarantee and QoS. Differentiators like these need to be identified by the applicant and implement them.

Awareness of solution designing and architecture

The aspirant should have a solid understanding of a solution design and architecture in the physical world. This knowledge of the basics helps the person to implement and emulate most of the scenarios on a cloud platform which he would have otherwise done in a physical world. For example, Netmagic's Firewall is exactly emulating the scenario in the real world on cloud infrastructure and eventually provides the service seamlessly to end users.

General knack to be an explorer

The aspirant should know all technology developments in the cloud industry and related ecosystems. The ability to identify new technologies and then use them in the cloud space to make the product or service better is a critical quality that makes a great cloud computing professional.

Certifications also play a pivotal role in building an effective career in cloud computing. There are two types of cloud computing careers that have emerged in the jobs space - IT professionals with specific cloud skills and IT administrators with cloud architecture know-how.

According to, some of the top jobs available in these areas for cloud computing professionals in the experience category of 2-5 and 5-10 years include, System Engineer - Cloud (Windows), Cloud Architect Lead Role, Cloud Technical Leads, Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure Consultant.

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