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Friday, May 30, 2014

Career Buzz: 5 ways to create an impression in new job

5 ways to create an impression in new job

Pressure to perform highest in the first few months of a new job. Irrespective of the hierarchy, every executive is eager to create a positive impression amongst bosses and peers.

Ability to learn

In a new job one has to show the willingness to learn the trade. "The choppy economic scenario needs executives to adapt to new styles of working. Those who manage to adopt different technological skills, are flexible in their work methods and show an enthusiasm towards learning the company's culture get spotted by the bosses," says Saundarya Rajesh, founder-president, AVTAR Career Creators and FLEXI Careers India.

Get involved in multiple areas

An executive who becomes part of the solution and not the problem will be noticed by his seniors and peers. Rajesh says, one must bring their past experiences on the table, offer solutions and volunteer for multiple projects. Punctuality, coping with deadline pressures and offering help to team members will earn accolades from the new employer.

Act in interest of the company

A new employee must go beyond his role. His behaviour, attitude when meeting clients or team members should be aligned with the values of the company. Nishchae Suri, partner and country head, people and change, KPMG India, says one should not just focus on just their jobs but make an effort to know more about the company.

Seniors have to adapt too

Senior executives who were working alone and are given team members need to alter their leadership skills."The willingness to listen, understand and appreciate will help a new manager create a good impression," says Suri. For the new head to get accepted he must build on the ideas and not be dismissive about them, because the team may still be working according to their previous leader.

Social skills are crucial

Social skills are important because the employee is in the spotlight for the first few months. "It matters how others experience you and an executive's willingness to show an interest in his team members' work, even if it is not linked to his role, will get approved nods from the seniors," says Suri

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