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Friday, November 2, 2012

Sport News :8-Year-Old Batting Genius Becomes Internet Sensation

Eight-year-old Krishna Narayan is an Internet sensation. But wait.
It's not because of his singing talents or dancing skills. It's
because of his batting technique. Krishna became a rage when his
father posted a video of his batting skills on YouTube. In fact, one
of his recent videos attracted over five lakh hits and even got the
attention of Kerala Cricket Association.
Rajesh Kumar, Krishna's father, beams with pride as he speaks about
the prodigy. "Initially I took the videos not to post it on YouTube,
but to only evaluate his game. But my nephew is the one who told me
that by posting it on YouTube I can reach out to many people,
including officials. And that came true. Everything else followed."
Rajesh quit his career as a software engineer to nurture his son's
talent. And now, Krishna is getting coached by Sports Authority of
India (SAI) trainer Biju George. Says Biju, "He is extremely talented.
If you see his first video, you will know that he is beautifully
balanced. Usually children find it difficult to pick the length when
they face a cricket or tennis ball. But this guy does it very well."
Recently, Krishna played his first official match alongside senior
players in Thiruvananthapuram. But his real dream lies elsewhere. "My
favourite cricketer is Sachin Tendulkar and I would like to play with
him one day," he says.
Little Krishna's big dream may be to meet India's cricketing legends.
But everybody close to him is hoping that one day he will make the
country proud. Meanwhile, the young sports star has agreed to teach me
some of his best shots.


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